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Respect for All - To Report Bullying

Students should see a counselor, dean or any adult in the building. Click the headline for further information.

Safety and Respect

Click here for information about the NYC Department of Education's commitment to safety and respect.


*The Respect for All liaisons at Bronx Science are Ms. Mills, Ms. Loukissas, and Mr. Nasser. 

Click here for information on Respect For All: Keeping Our School Free of Sexual Harassment.  Ms. Loukissas and Ms. Coombs are the staff members at Bronx Science designated to handle these matters.

Bullying is when an individual or a group of people harass, intimidate, or abuse others. Cyberbullying occurs over the internet, and can come in the form of mean messages, having rumors or photos being shared about the victim online, or having messages that were sent in private being shared.

Steps to report bullying:

Parents and families can get their child involved in making amends or repairing the situation if their child is the bully. View this article to learn more about what to do if your child is bullying another student. Visit the Respect for All page to explore anti-bullying services and mental health services offered

Children who are bullied can suffer from long-term negative effects on their health. Let's work together to foster school environments where everyone is respected and every student feels safe.

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