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Open School Days at Bronx Science

Current Bronx Science parents/guardians are cordially invited to attend on one of the following days - Monday, March 30, Tuesday, March 31, or Wednesday, April 1, 2020.
Option 1: Periods 1-3 (tour of the Holocaust Museum and Study Center will take place during 4th period - if you're able to stay).
Option 2: You can attend classes all day with your child.
Click the headline for details and to RSVP by Thursday, March 26, 2020 (registration is required).

Open School Days​​​​​​​

Current Bronx Science families are cordially invited to attend Open School Days at Bronx Science.

Experience a flavor of what goes on in your child's classes.

You are invited to attend on one of the following day:

Monday (3/30), Tuesday (3/31), or Wednesday (4/1).  

**Please have a copy of your child's schedule in case you become separated.**
Option 1
You can attend classes through 3rd period with your child.  Click here to view the bell scheduleAfter 3rd period, if you have time, please stop by the auditorium where there will be a brief wrap-up session with the Parent Coordinator.  Afterwards, parents/guardians choosing Option 1 are invited on a tour of the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center until the end of 4th period.
Option 2
You can attend classes all day with your child.  Click here to view the bell schedule.  
Click here to RSVP by Thursday, March 26th (you must register in order to participate).


  • If possible, plan to attend on a day when your child does not have any full period tests (see testing days schedule here)
  • Enter the building with your child through the student cafeteria entrance
  • Please remain with your child
  • Sign in with the Parent Coordinator in the cafeteria and then go with your child to her/his first period class (please wear the visitor's pass that you receive at sign in)
  • Photography and video are strictly forbidden in the classrooms; cell phones must be turned off
  • Your child's teacher will direct you to a seat or to an area in the classroom to sit on a windowsill or stand if all seats are taken (we do not have enough chairs to accommodate all visiting parents/guardians)
  • Unless the teacher directs you otherwise, the visiting parent’s role is to observe silently; teachers and students cannot engage in private conversations with visitors
  • If your child is scheduled for Physical Education class on the day you visit, please meet your child in the gym - only students and staff members can be in the locker room
  • Remain with your child during her/his lunch period - bring a bag lunch for yourself (Option 2)
  • If you need to leave before 3rd period (Option 1) or the end of the day (Option 2), exit through the Main Lobby (we ask that you plan to remain in the classroom for the entire period)

If you have any questions, contact Cynthia Golan, Parent Coordinator

Remember that this is not the time to have personal conversations about your child with his/her teachers.

Reminder - Photography and video are strictly forbidden in the classrooms; cell phones must be turned off.

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