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Daily Announcements

Lost Something?

Click the headline for information about the S.O. Lost & Found.

The S.O. will no longer be responsible for locking up items in the lost and found cabinets. Students who have lost their belongings will not have to submit a form either online or in-person, but can retrieve any lost items at any time in the cafeteria. The S.O. will tidy the area weekly and attempt to categorize the items.
  •     Coats and jackets will be hung up on a coat rack rather than folded.
  •     Lost items will be sorted. One box will have hats and scarves. Planners, umbrellas, water bottles, lunch boxes, etc.  will be put in the small cabinet and everything will be labeled.
  •     Plastic shoe organizers/hangers store smaller items and each compartment will be labeled.
  •     People who have lost items with their name on them will be sent an email that we have found their lost item and we will return your item promptly.
  •     Every month, unretrieved items will be packed in a box and stored away to avoid overcrowding of personal items in the cabinet.
  •     The new S.O. leader in charge of the lost & found is Eleanor and she can be reached via email at but again, the lost & found will no longer be monitored or locked and no forms will be submitted.

*Please note, all expensive items and electronics are taken to the Deans' office (room 032) for collection. The S.O. will not have these types of items. 

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