Welcome to the Athletics Department.
With Bronx Science Athletics, we strive to provide the best learning experience possible. We promote and develop students' enthusiasm towards sports, and encourage our students to fulfill their potential in sports to the fullest degree. We strive to prepare student-athletes for college and other challenges facing them now and for rest of their lives.

Through competition, we teach the valuable life-long lessons of tolerance, sporting conduct,  and good citizenship. We develop the valuable character traits of commitment, teamwork, and leadership that student-athletes will carry with them long after the scores are forgotten.

Please contact the Athletic Director Mr. McGrath if you have any questions or concerns:
  • phone 718-817-7769
  • fax 718-817-7746
  • e-mail
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Spectator Policy:
In order to ensure the smooth conduct of athletic contests, please be advised of the procedures to be followed at home games at Bronx Science:
  • Games begin between 4:00 & 4:30 p.m. unless otherwise pre-arranged by the coaches and officials.
  • Team members who arrive before their coaches will be asked to wait outside the front entrance or in the back of the auditorium during inclement weather. Coaches are to sign-in at the front desk and go directly from there, with their teams, to the gymnasium.
  • Only team members and registered managers will be admitted into the gymnasium. NO SPECTATORS will be admitted. Parents are exempt from this rule. A roster must be submitted to the front desk if players are to arrive late for the game. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to enter the school.
  • Other than the coaching staff, the visiting team is permitted to bring a maximum of two (2) students into the gymnasium who are not in uniform for the game. These students must be the team scorer and/or the manager. No other non-uniformed people will be permitted to enter the gymnasium.
  • Coaches are to supervise their teams in the changing area as well as other areas of the building. Please be sure all members of your team have left the building before you personally depart.
Thank you for your cooperation in assuring a safe environment for our players.

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